Thursday, June 17, 2010

Maiziese as a Second Language and an Andersonian dialect

Ok. Long time, no blog. But with a bit of work behind me, it's time for an update.
As usual, Maizie is saying some cute things. Now Anderson's joining in on the fun. Here we go!

MAIZIE- 3.5 years
By all myself - All by myself
I'll see you to Friday! - I'll see you later
I'll see you to Sunday! - I'll see you a whole lot later
Austin, Tesk-kist - Austin, TX
Maizie Street - Mattie Street (can you tell we're learning our address?)
New - Oldest/best (e.g., Mia is my new friend; Anderson is my new brother)
Insidewards - Inside out (e.g., Help! My shirt is insidewards!)
Red means stop. Green means go. Yellow means go FASTER!!!!
I am so kind and so boo-tiful.
Anderson is having a rough, rough day.
I love you, boo-buddy, buddy-boo! (to Anderson)

ANDERSON - 1.5 years
eh-cah! (in a low tone) - truck
eh-cah! (in a high tone) - motorcycle
eh-cah! (in a regular tone) - car
eh-cah! (pointing to the sky)- airplane
eh-cah! (in an excited tone) - Star Wars pez dispensers
Leia - The Leia Star Wars pez dispenser
Ny-ra - Ryan
Eazy - Maizie
Heesh! - Cheese! (e.g. See the picture above)

I've started to be worried about Anderson's language development, but really think he's fine. He communicates really well through other means (pointing, whining, biting!) and I think it makes him lazy since he gets what he wants without using words. He's so curious about the world and is constantly asking "Wuzzat?" so I am getting this feeling that in true Jason George fashion he is soaking everything in, processing it, and will one day soon start spouting out his entire life story.

Maizie is, and has always been, a chatterbox. I've been able to witness her in a classroom setting lately (church, swim class) and the teachers have to learn quickly not to aim any open-ended questions her way. Ask her if she has a teddy bear and she will name all the teddy bears ever created. Ask her if she has ever seen a bird and she will wax poetically about the birds (and the bees) until the cows come home. I absolutely love her personality and the way she just puts it all out there.

The two of them are really starting to get into a good routine together. Anderson is staying up and doing night time routine with big sis now and he loves it even if he loses interest about half-way through. Maizie is constantly making sure he's ok, and wants him to have his cup with him at all times. There's plenty of fighting and blanket wrestling, but overall they're a dynamic (and fun) duo.

Yay! I do this blog for all two of you who read it and to remember our life at different stages. Mission accomplished for today! Thanks.