Monday, April 20, 2009

Two and a Half!

Today is Maizie's two-and-a-half birthday. Halfway to 5--how unbelievable is that? We went camping with friends this past weekend and I will post pics from that soon, but until then here's a little something for those of you who are working on getting certified in MSL (Maiziese as a Second Language).

Slirt - Skirt

Jesus Shirt - Dress

Lola Milk - Strawberry Milk

Charlie Milk - Chocolate Milk

Waters - No. 1 (e.g., "I need to make waters in the potty!")

Plops - No. 2

Wake-ups - Hiccups

Thumbs Out! - Thumbs up

Downstairs - Upstairs

Door Open - Close the door

Sorry, Mommy! - You need to say sorry, mommy.

Moddy! - When she wants our attention and doesn't care which one of us pays it.

Heckalopter - Helicopter

I'm so SITED! - I'm so excited!

Here are some new phrases that make us smile:

Daddy works on buildings with his watch. (In my opinion, that's a pretty spot on observation.)

I asked, "Did you make waters, Maizie?" She answered, "For real, Mommy."

I closed my eyes a long, long time. (She says this after preschool when she has NOT been sleeping.)

I shared my toys. (She says this after preschool or playdates when she has NOT been sharing.)

I'm playing with my cousins! (She's started imaginatory playing with her stuffed animals and bath toys and calls them her cousins.)

Ok, now let's all focus. (She got this from her cousin, Megan)

No Ma'am, Anderson. You no eat that blanket! Time out! 2 minutes!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Here is drop in the bucket that is all of our Easter-type pictures. I plan on doing a slideshow of all of them, but I can't promise when that will actually happen. I know our parents don't want to wait on that to see their two little Easter bunnies. So here they are.

This shot reminded me and Jason of 80's sitcoms, when the characters would say Whoa! and lean back like this.
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Obligatory Bluebonnet Shots

I kind of love that it's obligatory, because they make for great pictures. Here are my two little mudbloods (half Yankee, half Texan) in a field near our house.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Swimmin' Tool!!!!!!

At least that's what it's called according to Maizie. April 1 marked the first day that our neighborhood pool was open. Maizie and Mia and Jason braved the chilly water for some fun in the sun. All you Austinites are welcome to come join us whenever you want!

Somebody loves his daughter. And vice versa.

Trying not to act too cold so she can stay in longer.

Budding romance. Ally is always the first to make Anderson feel welcome.

Toy time!
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Four Months

Anderson turns 4 months today. This month has marked his first plane trip (to witness my sweet Aunt Anne get married in Charlotte, NC), his first time to meet Uncle Al and Uncle Dale and Aunt Stephanie, and his first time to roll over. Maizie shows a lot of sweetness toward her brother (and a tiny bit of bossiness). She always knows where his pacis and blankets are and wants him to have them at all times. And she loves to hold his hand when we're in the car and sing to him when he cries. So proud of our two little humans! 

Here he is in his tux onesie and jeans at the wedding.
Big Ballooning Baby Belly
"My evil scheme will come together in....oh, let me check my pocketwatch....2 hours."

The sweetest sight a new mom of two can see.