Saturday, May 31, 2008

"18 Month" Portraits

I've been meaning to get Maizie's 18 Month Portraits for awhile, but she was teething and had a rash on her cheeks until recently. So, don't tell anyone that she's 19.5 months in her 18 month pictures. This dress was made by Aunt Jodi (again)! I'm glad it fits her for spring/summer. Anyway, enjoy!

This is the one we chose. The lady took it after Maizie threw a temper tantrum and I said, "Ok, I think we're done." I'm glad she didn't listen.

She thought the rug was a dog and kept petting it. This was one of Jason's favorites.

This looks like it could be a picture of me when I was 2. Little spooky.

This one looks much more like her Daddy.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby Brain

I had a friend that said when you're pregnant, the baby feeds off of your brain cells. Kind of a gross image, but I'm starting to think it's completely true. Either that, or I'm just a straight-up ditz. Anyway, in the past week I've had two "baby brain" incidents. First was a Red Box DVD that I placed on the roof while getting Maizie strapped in and completely forgot about until I was halfway home. I retraced my steps to no avail. So there goes $25 for a movie I didn't even get to watch!

The second incident involved my car keys. I actually have NO idea what happened to them, but I realized they were missing yesterday morning and blamed poor Maizie for it. I'm sure she'll get blamed for many things that are actually Baby #2's fault, so I guess it's time she got used to it. Anyway, I just got a call from the Austin Public Library that someone had found my keys near I-35 and Rundberg. What in the world? How could I lose my keys while driving? Anyway, I apologize in advance for the many more "baby brain" moments that will be coming in the next few months, and be sure not to let me to borrow anything of value to you!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

19 months and 10 weeks

Our "babies" hit milestones yesterday. Maizie turned 19 months and Flipper (yes, that's what we're calling #2 until we have a gender) turned 10 weeks. I haven't made a list of A-"Maizie"-ing Jane's newest tricks in awhile and I really want to remember this time in her life, so here goes:

1. She's a gabber. Maiziese is spoken from dawn to dusk. She will talk to herself when no one is in the room. She will talk to complete strangers. She basically just loves to talk.

2. She's a performer. A friend came over and Maizie immediately brought out her xylaphone, played a tune and then applauded herself excitedly.

3. She's loves the park and has started climbing up stairs and going down slides all by herself. She says "WHHEEEE" when she slides down.

4. She loves the number 3. Anytime I start to count, she skips to three and when we read counting books, she points to the things in the book and says, "Three. Three. Three. Three."

5. She loves the vegetable soup at Johnny Carino's. She ate 2 bowls on Monday. When she really likes something, she'll cock her head all the way back and yell "YUMMMMM!"

6. She still takes long naps. Usually over 3 hours.

7. She always wakes up happy.

8. She loves going outside, even just hanging out on our little patio.

9. She's very gentle with dogs and babies and has already started hugging the baby in mommy's belly.

10. She's becoming more aware of her surroundings. I pulled into Jason's work parking lot this week to pick him up for lunch and Maizie yelled out, "Daddy!" Moment of genius, I thought.

11. She loves saying "Hi" and "Bye". We went to IKEA a few weeks ago and about halfway through she started saying "Bye" rather loudly to every single person we saw. I guess she was ready to go.

12. She gives great hugs and kisses, but isn't really a cuddler.

13. She LOVES her books. Her favorites are the "B Book" "Green Eggs and Ham" and "Maisy takes a bath".

14. She loves her daddy's singing. He can always calm her down with a Roger Miller tune on fussy car trips.

15. She loves cars and can tell the difference between cars and trucks.

16. She loves her bathtime, except for the part about getting out.

17. She has started "talking" on the phone with Daddy, Nana and Papa.

18. She can open doors that have handles (not knobs) and loves to knock when we go to friends houses. She says "Door, door" when she knocks.

19. Her sound repretoire is seriously expanding with new additions including horses (Neeee!) and trains (choo choo).

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You Know Your Car is Sad When....

....a homeless guy makes fun of it.

So Jason was driving home today and I guess he had his window down. He came up to an intersection with a pan handler and the pan handler said, "What does that thing run on? Three rubberbands?"

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Our trip to Colorado was fabulous, fully of happy reunions and good, relaxing time with friends. It was so nice to catch up with everyone after a much-too-long absence. Maizie got totally spoiled by Aunt Kamee and Uncle Hole as well as getting to explore a real life farm (complete with horses, alpacas, dogs and cats) with Adam and Jaimie. Here are some pics!

Slobbery reunion between Tessa and Maizie. So sweet.

We played this fun Swedish lawn game called Kuub. Girls ruled and boys drooled, as always!

The Incredible Dorks!

Rockin' the Diaper!

Rockin' the Diaper....again!

Feeding the Alpacas on Adam and Jaimie's farm. She loved it.