Sunday, December 5, 2010

Big Birthday Boy

Oh, time. You fly. And I'm not exactly happy with you today. Our baby boy is 2 years old. Really and truly unbelievable. These two years with him have been some of the fastest of my life. And I wish at so many points that I could've pressed pause. FYI: when you are raising an adorable, sneaky, speedy, baby deproofing, destructonating, escape artist, there are no pauses.

I can't express in words how much I love this little man. In so many ways, I feel as though I am a time traveler watching Jason grow up. His faces, his toe-headedness, his quirky sense of humor and his stubbornness are minitiare reproductions of the original. We're laying low for this birthday. We'll have a family dinner out and presents some time this week. We'll let him sit at a steering wheel of some sort to his heart's content. And we'll keep singing him Happy Birthday whenever we feel like it because he makes the cutest faces when we do.

The Birthday Boy at the park. He was so proud to wear this shirt. Thanks, Kim! Whenever anyone asked him how old he was, he'd just stick his chest out, I guess hoping the answer to their question was written there.

Um, baby in tie? Makes me want to smush him. In a good way.

Favorite pic of the man to date. Paint-stick-turned-sword and his "Raaaarrr" face.

Honey, I Shrunk the Jason. Only Jason rarely wears Rudolph hats.

Andersonian as a Second Language
No, he's not a Chatty Cathy, but what he does say is pretty dang cute. So here goes.
Dis-dah - Sister
Peesh - Please
Tanks - Thanks
Tay! - Okay
Bee-Bee - Baby
Ouse - House
Lella - Gabriella
Kiyi Cah - Kitty Cat
Ish - Fish
Tar - Star
Ba-Ball - Basketball
Fuh-Ball - Football
Bye-Bye - Clearest word to date! He loves 'em and leaves 'em!

Other Rememberables
* The scream. 'Nuff said.
* How he goes "shopping" in our kitchen pantry and carries around giant bottles of juice or big boxes of cereal.
* How he quietly works at a new skill, scientifically trying out different methods until he figures it out (so fun to watch him learning to use a tricylce and a scooter, not so fun watching him decode safety features in our home).
* Still using both left and right hands to eat and draw, although I'm starting to notice a slight right-hand preference (tear).
* He stands in time out when told and does a hug for sorry.
* He hates it when Maizie is sad and will pester her for a hug until she's happy again.
* He hates it when Maizie has a toy and will chase her around and around until he's victorious.
* He loves babies and still wants to tickle their faces.
* Makes the best animal and car, truck, rocket noises.
* Loves jumping and climbing. He's gonna be one of those kids that skateboards without a skateboard, whatever that's called.
* Still needs his mommy from time to time and is a great cuddler, tickler and smoocher.
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