Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Four Years Old

Dear Maizie,
Four years ago today I met you for the first time. I remember holding you and staring hard, trying to soak in the fact that this was real. Trying to understand how such a perfect little creature came from such imperfect humans. Trying to figure out what it meant to raise a little person who would have character, integrity and a heart for people in need. In other words, I was scared. God had entrusted us for a short time to be your parents and we were praying hard that we could provide the kind of support, encouragement and guidance you needed to make your way in this world. Now, four years later, we're blessed by an exuberant, thoughtful, caring, sweet, sometimes stubborn, always confident, adorable little girl. You dive into new situations with ease, love a good story, song or dance, and can talk the spots off a dog. When you're around, there is never a dull (or quiet) moment and we wouldn't have it any other way. I had no idea what I was in for four years ago, and maybe I started off a little scared and uptight. But each day, God has shown us through you that He is in control and that He is your real Father, protector and maker. We see Him in your insistence that we talk to every friend (aka panhandler) we meet. We see Him in your prayers when you thank him for one more day without a boo boo. And we see Him as you are first in line to care for and love on Anderson when he is feeling sad. You are a delight and a joy and I wish you the happiest of days today. Four is going to rock.

Birthday girl - 2006

Birthday Girl - 2010

This post wouldn't be complete without a new installment of....

Masghetti - Spaghetti
Gonana - Banana
Scawberries - Strawberries
Gabrella - Umbrella
FighterFighter - Firefighter
FighterFighter Wearing Pajamas - EMT (with scrubs on)
Black FighterFighter - Police Officer (wearing a black uniform)
Pink Girl - Girl wearing pink
Coperate - Cooperate (e.g. "I'm coperating!")
Hair Cut - Hair Style (e.g. "Don't cut my hair" when I'm just trying to put in ponytails)
Just Only - Her "filler" words like other people use "um" or "uh" (e.g. "Just only I'm going to watch just only just only just only Wall-E")
I Cah-n't wash my hay-uh, Mahm- I can't wash my hair, Mom. (her British/Southern/Yankee accent comes out in the oddest combinations)
Race Car Driver - What she wants to be when she grows up
Decorations, Cinnamon - Decorations, Cinnamon (I'm always surprised when she says complex words correctly. I think I said "Cimmanon" until last year.)
R-E-D - Purple

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Party Fit for a Princess

This Saturday, we celebrated Maizie's Big 4 (the real date is Wednesday). Jason and I decided to alternate years for "big parties" vs. "small parties". This year for both Anderson and Maizie is "small party". We had Mia and Simone and their moms over for a fairy princess picnic. We had pink tea, pink star "biscuits" and heart-shaped pb&js. Our man-in-waiting, Jason, served with grace and poise, calling each of the girls "malady" and providing multiple refills of pink tea. Thankfully, Maizie's fair grandmother was in town and was able to join us for the party.

Time for the presents! Maizie exercized some mad patience waiting for this portion of the evening.

Next we headed downtown for dessert at the Melting Pot. Maizie had requested something "fancy". Three 3-year-olds at the Melting Pot? Memorable. First, they wanted to play with the super long (and super sharp) forks. Then they all reached their sugar limit about halfway through and we thought they were all going to fall asleep or climb the walls. We quickly ushered them out for the final surprise--a horse carriage ride through downtown Austin.

All-in-all, it was a fun way to celebrate the little life of our big girl. When I asked her the next morning what her favorite part of her birthday party was, she opened her arms big and wide and said, "ME!" We'll have to work on her understanding that she's not the center of the universe, but I suppose that can wait until after this week. Happy Birthday, sweet funny silly smart hugable lovable wonderful Maizie!
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ACU Homecoming

We went to Abilene to hang with Jason's sister's family and attend my 10-year reunion. Yes, I am officially old. It's always fun being back on campus and even more funner (the degree paid off, Ma!) to share some of our favorite ACU memories with the kids.

Here's Maizie playing in the GATA fountain.

And Anderson playing on Amy's piano.

Maizie and Jason in front of my freshman year dorm. Jason first said he loved me in that very parking lot.

And we went to echo point with Maizie. She liked to echo. A lot! A lot! A lot!

It was a fun weekend and I'm glad my "more involved and in touch with ACU" friends encouraged us to go. Maizie saw her first big time college football game (ACU won) and we got to catch up with family we hadn't seen in 6 months and friends we hadn't seen in 10 years. Purple-White-Fight-Fight!
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