Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Wanderer

If we weren't all so tired, we'd be cracking up at this boy all day (and night) long. The transition to big boy bed is not as smooth with Thing Two as it was with Thing One. We're going on week three now and he's just finding more and more ways to sneak around our barricades. Week one (prior to baby gate installation) involved him sneaking out of bed, unrolling a tape dispenser, and crawling back in. Week two involved climbing the ladder to Maizie's top bunk and jumping or falling off repeatedly. Week three involves Maizie in mommy and daddy's bed until Anderson gives up the ghost. Each night and naptime is a new adventure.

This is him today. During nap. Which is supposed to be taken in bed.

Budding DJ or are metal desks really more comfortable than IKEA mattresses?

My tired boy after a 3-hour no-nap.

But not too tired to play "Princess Super Heroes" with sister which involved some light saber moves a la Darth Vader.
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