Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ultrasound Pic

I have an entire DVD of the actual ultrasound, but until my IT guy (Jason) can help me pull images from it, this is what we've got to go on. Thanks Dad, for always having time in your busy schedule to work on things like this.

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's a...

Sorry, the pun is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I couldn't pass up. So, we saw a beautiful, healthy baby boy today at our 20-week ultrasound. More pictures to come, but I wanted to reveal our conclusive and 100% scientifically accurate results to the gender myths. Pretty much, they're all a load of hooey. That's right, I said it. Hooey.
As soon as the technician turned on the machine, it was plainly evident (even to our untrained eyes) that we were having a boy. We haven't stopped grinning ever since.
I'm going to run out and get my hands on some little sweater vests and neckties. There's really nothing in the world more adorable than a baby boy dressed up like a little, old man.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mythbusters: Flipper Edition

In honor of one of Jason's favorite shows, we thought we would conduct a 100% scientifically accurate test with a sample size of 1 to test all the baby gender myths that are out there. Since we will most likely find out the sex tomorrow, now is the time to compile the results. So here goes.

1. Drano Test. Combine the pregnant woman's urine with Crystal Drano. If the mixture turns brown, bluish yellow, black or blue you are having a boy. If it turns greenish brown, green or doesn't change at all you are having a girl.

2. Heartbeat Test. If the fetal heartbeat is higher than 140, you're having a girl. Lower than 140 and you're having a boy. One myth proponent claims, "Men are lazier than women, even in the womb." I thought that was hee-larious.
RESULTS: HALF-BOY, HALF-GIRL (It was 140 at the first visit, 155 at the second)

3. Mother's Intuition. One study showed that mother's intuition on gender was correct 71% of the time.
RESULTS: HALF-BOY, HALF-GIRL (I've gone back and forth so much in my head, I'm not sure what I think anymore).

4. Chinese Lunar Calendar. RESULTS: GIRL

5. Online Baby Gender Predictor. RESULTS: GIRL

6. Cravings. If the mother craves salty or sour foods, it's a boy; sweet foods, it's a girl.

7. Ring Test. Suspend a gold ring on a string above your belly. If it swings back and forth, it's a boy. In cirlces, it's a girl.
RESULTS: HALF-BOY, HALF-GIRL (It swang back and forth in circles. Of course.)

Stay tuned to see which myths hold water!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Seven in Heaven

Monday marked our SEVENTH anniversary! I felt like showing Jason that 7 years of being married to a Texan has changed me, so I surprised him by a trip to a shooting range and then to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
It was a unique date, but I have to say I'm still not a fan of guns. I wanted to duck and cover the entire time we were there. I did shoot about 8 rounds, and hit the target guy straight in the nose, but I let Jason do most of the gun-handling. Here he is looking all James Bond-like with a 9mm Barretta.
I saw this anniversary questionnaire on Sara Hejl's blog (who incidentally was married on the same day and year as us) so I thought I'd fill you in on our relationship details:
1. Where we met: The first time we both remember meeting each other was in The Bean at ACU in January 1997. An ex-boyfriend of mine introduced me to him and then we talked for 2 hours. Ex-boyfriend left awkardly after about 15 minutes.
2. First Date: We went to Olive Garden and the re-release of Star Wars. I was a bit frightened because Jason was mouthing every line of the movie, including all the Ewok chirps.
3. Number of Years we Dated: 4.5 years if you don't count the year and a half we were "broken up" but still seeing each other every day.
4. How He Proposed: On the icy wing of an airplane at the Abilene Airport. Security was a little more lax before 9/11. He gave me a sympathy card that said he was sorry he couldn't be my boyfriend anymore (since he wanted to be my fiance).
5. Where were you married. Trenton, Michigan at the church I grew up at.
6. Reception? At a garden on Grosse Ile. I LOVED having it outside.
7. First Dance? To Mark Knopfler's "A Night in Summer Long Ago." It starts out "My lady may I have this dance."
8. Honeymoon. Canada! We stayed at a cabin on a lake for a few days, in downtown Toronto a few days and drove by Niagara Falls on the way home.
9. Where have you lived. Denver, Normangee, College Station, Denver Again, Austin

Round the World in 30 Days

July has been nutzo...in a good way. Here are some updates for (all 12) of my curious fans.

Travels: Maizie and I went to Michigan July 9-17. She stayed up there for her first (tear) week without us. Maizie and my mom fly back on Saturday. Jason and I went to a lake house last weekend with the Young Marrieds. It was tons of fun and I even got a tan (burn).

Flipper: The newest George is growing! My belly is popping for sure and we find out the sex on Monday, July 28! I can't wait.

Firsts: This week brought a lot of firsts for Maizie: First week without Momma, First throwing up episodes, First allergy--we just found out today she's allergic to amoxicillin/penicillin. Yippee! Even though she's been a handful for my parents, I know they're having fun and she's having fun and Jason and I are having fun being young and free again. We've been on kidless dates Monday night, all day yesterday and are going again on tomorrow night.

House: The progress on our new house is AMAZING. When I left, they had laid the formwork for the foundation, and when I came home the framing was up! They were even starting to install some siding when we went by on Tuesday night. It's so cool to watch the progress of our first little house in action. No solid news on move-in day, but we'll keep you posted.

Alright, here's the picture parade:

Jason and Maizie at Taco Bueno on the way to the airport. Sweetest picture ever.

Hard at work or hardly working?

Me, Maizie, Jodi and Cecilie (isn't she the cutest?)

Me and my friend Emilie attempting a self-portrait.

Maizie enjoying playtime with her friends Addison and Ryley. Check out that belly. Looks like someone else in the family is expecting a baby! Let's just say she eats like a king around her Nana and Papa.

Maizie coming in for the kiss from Cecilie.

My Paw Paw and My Maizie. She loved hanging out with PawPaw and wanted him to read her tons of books. He didn't really like the Dr. Suess book, "Wocket in my Pocket" because he felt like it taught kids made-up words. But that made watching him read the book 100% more enjoyable. He had a comment for every page...."Zelf up on the Shelf....now that's not even a real word!" Good times.

Maizie SHARING with Addison, who is few weeks older than her. Yeah, Maizie! I guess we'll need to get a twin play stroller for her and her friends at home.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cous-union, Etc.

We've had a busy, fun week at the George house. Aunt She-She and Uncle Alan (aka Pedro) came to visit before we all headed up to Dallas for a Cousin Reunion. All 6 cousins on my dad's side got together to celebrate the 4th. It was pretty momentous since most of us hadn't seen each other in 10 years. All except one of us is married now and all but two of us have kids, so there was a lot to catch up on.

I don't have tons of pictures from the reunion itself (Maizie runs toward the camera any time I take it out), but we had fun playing Guitar Hero, Wii Tennis, darts (i almost won), nertz (i won by a whole lot), and Trivial Pursuit. The 7 couslings (1st-cousins-once-removed) all got along and had fun chasing each other around the house. My dad watched Maizie and her closest cousling, Kaden, so we could join the family and watch Wall-E on the 4th. On Saturday, we hit some Dallas tourist spots, like visiting the spot where JFK was killed and going to the free day at the Nasher Sculpture Center. All and all, Maizie did really well, caught sleep where she could and stayed fairly happy. She did win the prize for loudest cousling. Go Maizie!

This was the first day. Maizie wasn't quite sure what to think of Alan yet, but she was immediately taken with She-She. We celebrated my brother's 35th birthday at Schlitterbahn (where we got caught in a downpour), took a road trip to San Antonio to introduce Sheila (who had never been to Texas) to the Alamo and the Riverwalk, and had tons of good barbecue and
Mexican food. It was lots of driving, but Maizie enjoyed playing with her Aunt and Uncle in the
back seat of the car. My brother taught her to put crayons in her ears. My sister-in-law taught her to say "elbow" and "knee" and draw the sun. We're very happy my brother got married.

This little car was the source of quite a bit of frustration for Maizie. I asked her if she could get in the car, and she spent the rest of the weekend trying and then crying when she didn't fit. She kept asking me to please help her get in. It was hilarious and sad at the same time.

Here's Maizie in a patch of Bamboo outside the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas.

Maizie has recently become fascinated with shoes and clothes--such a girl. She is getting particular about what you put on her. On Sunday, she absolutely wouldn't have it any other way than one pink shoe and one brown shoe. I let it slide until we were ready to go out to lunch.

At Babe's Chicken joint in Carollton. Just thought it was a cute picture.

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