Friday, December 14, 2007

What is the Gestation Period for a house, again?

So, yeah, about that house thing. We met with the mortgage people on Wednesday and come to find out you can't keep a rent house and buy an affordable home at Mueller. So our masterplan is a no go. We could buy a house and sell it when our number comes up (but that seems risky and complicated to me) or give up on the idea of Mueller all together (but that sounds sad to me) or just find a new (cheaper and bigger and dishwasher-laden) place to rent for the next couple of years. There are a lot of variables to consider, so we will be looking at everything over the next couple of months and praying for some guidance.

So I guess we are house-pregnant, we just have NO idea when this enormous baby will be born. We feel blessed that we're in a situation that we have options at all, it's just hard choosing between them right now. Thanks for all your well-wishes!


Mark said...

Welcome to the crazy, confusing, convoluted world of prospective home ownership! The only advice I have is to keep coming up with ideas and possibilities and run down every lead until something woks out. Oh yeah, and that prayer thing is a good idea too.


el patron said...

finding a house IS hard, finding the city/town/country you want to live in is harder, for some...maybe you guys have already figured that out? i know we like austin alot too and if it werent for our family being in dallas and tyler, we would move there in a heartbeat..they are the only reason we left in the first place. - dallas sucks ! whats this mueller plan yall are talking about ? im out of the austin loop....