Friday, June 5, 2009

6 Months

Anderson is 6 months today, and I'd have to call this the "Month of the Tongue". His favorite new tricks are scrunching up his nose in the sweetest smile and alternately sticking out his tounge as far as it will go. He's scooting, rolling all over the place, grabbing things and bringing them to his mouth (he especially likes to do this to my cheek, which is highly uncomfortable). We call him our "monkey baby" because he holds on and goes with us wherever we go. He LOVES his sister and watches her every move.

We went to the dr. yesterday and here are his stats for those of you who are keeping track. Weight: 14 lbs., 13 oz. (4%), Height: 25.5 inches (10%), Head: 44.75 cm (69%). The doctor wasn't concerned about him dropping down to the 4 percentile, so we're not going to be concerned either. He is starting to eat more solid foods and pretty much downs anything we give him, so I anticipate that we'll be watching a quickly growing boy in the next few months. Oh, and yes, the head is large 'cause he's so smart.

My camera is dead and in "the shop" so thanks to my dad and Tanya for these shots!

For Halloween, we're thinking Gene Simmons.

Or Crocodile Hunter.

Playing at the Robertsons and checking out the studly man in the mirror.

A cute head in a hat that just doesn't quite fit.
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Pryncss Briana said...

He is so precious!

myra said...

He is so cute! I just love him! Is he sitting up yet or did I traumatize him when I set him down without thinking when I was there?

Kim P. said...

I swear I can see his tonsils in that second picture! He is adorable, and that smile makes me laugh every time. Such a sweet boy!