Tuesday, October 20, 2009

She's Three!

I've had a couple of unexpectantly sappy days anticipating Maizie's third birthday. I can't believe how quickly everything is going by and I'm amazed at the person who is emerging as our beautiful daughter. Between knock-down, drag-out fights over going to sleep and a running list of "I wants", there are moments and looks and touches and grins and laughs and that are too cute to stand.

Without further adieu.
Maiziese as a Second Language - The three-year-old edition

My sick hurts - My belly hurts
My sick feels better - My belly feels better
I'm sweaty. I need a jacket. - Usually it's 100 degrees out when she says this. The girl just loves to accessorize.
I'm going to the O-port to get on the A-plane. - I'm going to the airport to get on the airplane.
Wiiiiissssshhhh! - Any kind of stick or wand (i.e., I need my wiiiisssshhh)
Sleeping Booty - Sleeping Beauty
"I know you, you're a queen and I so boo-fi-ful." The preferred lyrics of "Once Upon a Dream"
"I know" dress - A dress with any kind of twirl capacity.
You can't dance. You're wearing pants! - What she tells me when I try to dance.
Go To Way - Go away
Soappaste- Toothpaste
Cat in the Cat - Cat in the Hat
Cheshire Cat Moon - Crescent moon
Meatball Store - IKEA
Mo Mo and Ca Ca - Simone and Jessica
Gigirella - Gabriella; also, umbrella
Calla and O-sin - Tanya and Wilson
Assisson - Anderson (up until about 2 months ago, thank goodness)
Little Paw - The refugees as a whole (e.g. "I need to go see my Little Paws")
Jesus - Anyone asking for money on street corners. (e.g. "That Jesus is thirsty! She needs she's water!")
Daddy, you stink? You need to change yours diaper? Huh? Anytime there's a smell in the car (whose origin is most often Maizie).
A, B, B, B, LMNOP - The beginning of the alphabet song.
W, X, Why not Z? - The end of the alphabet song.
This much and no matter what - How much we love her.

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Pryncss Briana said...

So cute! Wish I had recorded/could remember all the cuteness of the Bella at just turned three. You will treasure it. :)

Jeremy and Alyssa said...

Happy Birthday to Maizie!

Kim P. said...

Great list! That girl cracks me up =) Happy Birthday Maizie!

Mark said...

Well worth the wait! Thanks for capturing her essence in words so I could have a little experience of Maizie-ness on her birthday. I love you...and her (and Jason and Assisson).

myra said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Soooo wish we could be there to give you birthday hugs!

Noelle said...

I love love love this list. And I love Maizie. She is so cute...and funny.

Anonymous said...

My favorite contribution to Simone's vocabulary: What? Huh? What you saying? Thanks for sharing that one, Maizie!

And I love that my daughter won't play dress-up and NEVER wears her jacket and your daughter can't get enough accessories. Love that girl! She's going to need some cool accessories for her birthday!


Mark said...

Upon further (theological) reflection: Maizie has no doubt studied Matthew 25:37-40 in Bible class: "The righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you or thirsty and give you something to drink?'...The King will reply, 'Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me'" So when she calls street people "Jesus," she is being biblically correct.

And, it warms that grandpa's heart that Maizie, by virtue of being in a caring family, is around refugees enough to come up with an affectionate name for them. In our self-centered world, I'm thankful that my grandchildren are being exposed to another way of doing life.

Chez said...

So sweet, and smart! "W, X, Why not Z?" That just makes sense!