Thursday, November 5, 2009

Still Smiling After All These Months

Anderson is 11 months today and is still the happiest, grinningest thing in the whole wide world. It's really been such a fun time to see his personality emerge and watch him play more with Maizie and interact more with us. I would say this month, he has proven his climbing ability. We have to rearrange our house every day to keep him safe. We put a baby gate on the stairs, but he would still climb on the 1/2 inch of stair left and scale the gate like a monkey. If I want him to get all his energy out, I just open the gate and let him scale the stairs while we follow behind. He's incredibly quick on the way up and would be incredibly quick on the way down if we weren't right there. This week, he learned to crawl into Maizie's rocking chair and when I put that away he went over and climbed into our full-size rocking chair. Should we take all the furniture out of our house or just cover everything with pillows and padding?

His sounds that actually connect to some meaning now include MA-MA! Yea! So, I think we have to officially declare Dadda as his first word (just like Maizie) then Whazzat?, then Daw (for Dog) and then Mama. I see where I rank. Anderson loves to meet new people, he loves anything with wheels, he LOVES music (as soon as he hears music, he stops what he's doing and bounces up and down) , and playing peekaboo. See video below if you're having a rough day.


His indoor jungle gym.

Such a depressed child.

"You can't see me!"

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Mark said...

Dadda, whazzat, daw, momma...can papa be far behind? Can't wait!

Noelle said...

If it makes you feel any better, from a professional view, b and d develop before m. Otherwise I'm sure they would say "mama" first. ;-) He really is the sweetest happiest baby.

Kim P. said...

Love his awesome smile! He is too sweet =)