Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A's party

Catch up time. The whole world is busy celebrating Christmas and here I am catching up on things from a month ago. Here are some cute shots from Anderson's birthday party. I loved having the little kids at the big kid's table. The conversation was really sophisticated that night. Loud, but sophisticated.

Ally was sick that night, so Gabriella had Anderson all to herself. Look at those ladykiller eyes!

I love this shot of Jake and Anderson doing practice walks together. And apparently it's not a party until Dad turns you upside-down. Get with the program, Jason! Thank you all for coming and making it a special night for the boy. I know he won't remember it, but these pictures will help us convince him that everything was equal between him and big sis!
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Kim P. said...

He is growing up so fast! You did a great job with the party and fun was had by all. Still bummed we didn't get to play the "poke the belly" game though.