Monday, February 22, 2010

So Happy Together

Well, it's been another long break from the blog world, but Jason has taken the kids on an errand specifically so I could finish up our taxes. I've been trying to file them every day for the past two weeks! But why spend time with Uncle Sam, when I can look at pictures from the last couple of months, right?

Anyway, I noticed that there are alot of pictures of the two of them together lately. We're taking a break from preschool right now. There were many reasons behind that decision, but a big one was that Anderson was getting up to an age where he could actually be a playmate for Maizie. She really enjoys making her brother happy and he loves playing with her. Our biggest "problem" right now is trying to get Maizie to keep her hands to herself on car trips. She's gotten into the habit of playing with his feet and cleaning out the lint from between his toes! Gross, huh? I guess a sister's love goes far...hope you enjoy the pics.

Who needs a pillow when you have a brother?
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Pryncss Briana said...

Hey there! Is that an Ikea crib? I have been thinking of getting the gulliver for Xia, but was worried it wouldn't stand up to toddlerhood ... if that's an Ikea, then my worries are obviously unfounded. :)

Noelle said...

Those are some really cute pictures!

Irma and Koby said...

That is Soooo sweet and I have a feeling I will be posting the same thing a little later down the road. Olivia absolutely adores "her baby" and I can really see her doing the same thing M does!
I think of you guys often even though I'm probably the worst friend you have!!! We have GOT to catch up sometime...let's set a goal for sometime in 2010! Sound good?

Christy said...

Caren + Jason = super cute kiddos. I love these pictures of them together...precious!

Jessica said...

Those are some great pictures!