Thursday, September 2, 2010

All about Anderson

So Anderson drew the short stick when it came to blog-time. I guess (and I know this from experience) this is the burden of second children. I grew up relatively unscathed, but I thought I'd dedicate a post just to him and his adorableness. This is a fun age I want to remember for sure.

When we say he's laid back, we mean it. This kid can sleep anywhere and through just about anything.

The accessorizing gene is rather dominant in our family.

Really, really dominant.

So, what things should you know about this little man? To spend a day with him means you're going to hear about a thousand "Whaz That's" and receive about a dozen run-and-hugs. You may also have multiple objects thrown at or near your head and three square meals worth of food scattered throughout your house. He's still not chatting away, but is an incredibly clear communicator and I'm constantly amazed by how much he understands and follows directions.

He loves water and if he spies his swimsuit (or socks for that matter) he will bring them to you and nag you until you let him wear them. He loves jumping in the pool and will go under water without crying, but has a little fear of heights. We mess around with him and heights (a la Michael Jackson and Blanket), but this is starting to feel cruel, so we'll stop. Soon. We also still play "Drop the Baby" with him, but he likes this, so we'll continue. He's a climber, a flipper, a runner, a faller, a tricycler, a consta-mover, an occassional biter (eek!), and a cuddler. He loves his sister and they have started their own warped form of communication together. Scary. Playtime is 50% fighting over the same toy and 50% chasing each other in a circle around our living room. He LOVES babies. Loves them. Only problem is he wants to tickle their face.

Another love: Star Wars. He may not have command over the English language or understand that if you throw a juice cup it goes away, but at least he knows his Star Wars characters (see first video). Watch the second video to see his cute faces, including the one where he holds his breath until his face turns red. Nice.

Hope you enjoyed this rare installment of "All about Anderson"! We are blessed beyond words to have him in our lives and I can't wait to watch him grow into the kind, funny, thoughtful, sweet man I know he can become.


Noelle said...

Oh my gosh I miss that little man...and that funny little girl too! ...and their Mama!

Amanda said...

Love reading your blog cuz it makes me feel like I get to see you guys