Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lakehouse Trip

We had a great weekend hanging out with Westover's YM group at Lake Brownwood, thanks to the generous hospitality of James and April and the Brown family. We were really able to get to know people on a deeper level and recharge from a string of stressful/mundane weekends. Some of the highlights from the weekend included:
  • Getting out on the boat and jet ski and realizing what a wimp I am compared to a few years ago. I chickened out on tubing after an incident I can't repeat (but Wendi can), and I couldn't get the jet ski over 20 mph. Thanks Morans and Robertsons for watching the girl!
  • Jason leading the group in a few games of Mafia and we made chocolate shakes at was almost like being in the singles group again...almost.
  • Playing ping pong with Jason (and him beating me left-handed).
  • Cooking for a big group and not feeling insecure about it (probably because it was just dessert:-)).
  • The girls playing in the pool in their matching suits.
  • Wilson getting slaphappy and speaking German while singing America, the Beautiful in a wonderful falsetto.
  • Talking and playing games and being social (and I only slipped into baby talk once or twice)!

Anyway, here are my favorite pics from the weekend.

Can anyone say Grumpy Old Man?

Other babies swim in the pool. Maizie does grass.

The big family dinner.

Maizie's new teeth. One spoonful of mashed potatoes, va va va.

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Kim said...

I'm so glad you came this year! The desserts were awesome, especially the mint chocolate shake that others weren't brave enough to try. And of course I enjoyed playing Mafia...apparently I'm an excellent assasin =) Thanks to Jason for being a great narrator!