Thursday, June 7, 2007

Things I've Learned in Texas...Update!

Mosquito Larva are not Tadpoles. Yesterday Jason and I were walking and I told him that we have hundreds of tadpoles swimming around in a flooded plant pot on our front porch. He told me to dump out that water as soon as we got home. Who knew mosquitos were little wormy swimmy things before they become annoying flying bitey things?


Mark said...

Haven't been by your blog for a few days. Having lived for a while on a farm in Arkansas, reading the discoveries of a child of suburbia regarding varmints is doubly hilarious.

The Maizie pics are always a huge hit with your audience. Keep them coming. As for her crying at bedtime, you might try what my wife and I did with our youngest: duct tape. Works like a charm!

Love you,

Teresa said...

You crack me up -- loved the varmits & pests article as well. I have lived some of those exact same moments (especially the flying roaches - egad!).

Your observations remind me of when I left Michigan for Texas in 1981. My friends and I were amazed by all the cowboys. Every man seemed to wear cowboy hats & boots and they all drove big pick up trucks with rifles in the back window (or so it seemed).

So you can only imagine that once the following song played on the radio -- it had to become our theme song:

I got my truck,
it's right outside.
I ain't got much luck,
but I sure got a ride.
Don't matter who lives.
Don't matter who dies.
Cause I got my truck,
it's right outside!

Give my precious Maizie a big ole' kiss from her loving Aunt Reaser.