Monday, October 15, 2007

The Latest

Some cute pictures from our latest adventures.

Maizie and Grandmamma at the George family reunion. I think she would want me to let you know that that walker is not hers.

Not too sure about bows yet. That's my girl.

Meeting Baby Olivia. She's a BEAUTIFUL baby and Koby and Irma seem like pros already.

Our eldest daughter in a straight-jacket. She's got a war wound on her head from a run-in with an off-leash dog. We were trying to keep it clean and let it heal, but she kept scratching it. So, it's on with the big plastic collar until it's healed. Poor baby girl.

The girls before their photo shoot. It was quite a challenge getting three nearly-1-year-olds to sit still and smile all at once. I think we may have convinced the photographer never to have children, but we got a really cute shot of them in their Halloween costumes (those pics to come at a later date).


Mark said...

Mah,mah, mah, that bow is s-o-o-o kewwwwwwt! She awt to wayer that all the tahm, because yew jus' nayuver know whee-un she could meet her fuchure husbin'.

Nana said...

No Texas bow for my Yankee girl!

Pryncss Briana said...

super cute pic of the girls, and bows are not required, this mom spent plenty on all the cutest bows and they hardly ever stayed in the hair.