Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween from the M-n-M-n-M's. Myra posted the cute studio pics here.

Here are some from this weekend and tonight. Enjoy.

3 little girls (Maizie, Morgandy, Mia). So sweet you could just eat them.

The orange one.

The bag (aka Dad) is holding the M-n-M.

The Yellow (aka Maize) M-n-M loves the orange one.


Robinson Family said...

Caren--so cute! I love that all the little girls have M-names to match their costumes! I also think it's way fun that you and Jason got in on the action. Thanks for sharing your pics!

Irma and Koby said...

Awww! The M&M idea is brilliant! Brilliant!

myra said...

We had so much fun having you all over. Sorry my neighbors weren't into the Halloween Spirit until dark. :)