Monday, November 5, 2007

Helmets ARE Required

Well, mosquita season is over here in Texas and so Festiva season has begun. Jason has spent that last few weekends covered in the grease of his dream car--a tri-colored '88 Ford Festiva. He's at the point where he has taken the engine apart, fixed the root problem (something about a gasket? I dunno) and needs to put it all back together. He even found a buddy in Austin with a fully working Festiva who will let him come look at his car so he can figure out this last (huge) step. Godspeed, Jason.

So, that leads us to a more pressing question. Will our child(ren) ever be allowed to ride in this contraption when it's up and running? We have a car seat for it, but I'm proposing helmets as well. It's a tiny box (I call it a motorcycle-built-for-four) on roads which are filled with trucks and SUVs ten times its size.

In fact, we were driving along the highway today and spotted a Festiva pulled off on the side of the road (where else?). We're in the habit of commenting on every Festiva we see, so we took a good long look. And you'll never guess what we found on the head of the man who was driving that little piece of Jason's heaven. That's right! It was a priceless moment and confirmation that crazy men and my babies CAN and SHOULD wear helmets while Festiving.

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Pryncss Briana said...

grease monkeys are fun, I have one too ... Stay safe!