Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We have a WEENER!

It's official. Maizie George is now fully weened! Woohoo. In other news, she calls me Dad and says Mama when she's hungry. Her favorite word, "Dog" has transformed into "Dojjie" and she walks when we ask her to, but never on her own. Crawling is quicker. So quick, in fact, I'm considering a leash. Almost lost her yesterday at Kinko's.
Oh, and here is her 1 year picture we took a few weeks ago. Turned out really cute. I was pretty adament about no props, but at the end we threw this in there and it ended up being the best shot. A girl and her horse.
In other news, I've been creating an online store on to sell the things I make. I'll share more back-story and future-story about it later, but if you can't wait another second, you can visit my store at Only selling one thing right now, but I will add more later.


Myra said...

Love it! Where did you get that hat? I may have to borrow it.

Nana said...

Now that Maizie is "weened" (or "weaned" as Papa says) can Maizie come spend a week with Nana and Papa? That'd be cool.

Good luck with the virtual store for your real time creative stuff!

Pryncss Briana said...

Super cute kid, and best wishes for the store, I hope you sell the crap out of everything you make. :)