Wednesday, May 21, 2008

19 months and 10 weeks

Our "babies" hit milestones yesterday. Maizie turned 19 months and Flipper (yes, that's what we're calling #2 until we have a gender) turned 10 weeks. I haven't made a list of A-"Maizie"-ing Jane's newest tricks in awhile and I really want to remember this time in her life, so here goes:

1. She's a gabber. Maiziese is spoken from dawn to dusk. She will talk to herself when no one is in the room. She will talk to complete strangers. She basically just loves to talk.

2. She's a performer. A friend came over and Maizie immediately brought out her xylaphone, played a tune and then applauded herself excitedly.

3. She's loves the park and has started climbing up stairs and going down slides all by herself. She says "WHHEEEE" when she slides down.

4. She loves the number 3. Anytime I start to count, she skips to three and when we read counting books, she points to the things in the book and says, "Three. Three. Three. Three."

5. She loves the vegetable soup at Johnny Carino's. She ate 2 bowls on Monday. When she really likes something, she'll cock her head all the way back and yell "YUMMMMM!"

6. She still takes long naps. Usually over 3 hours.

7. She always wakes up happy.

8. She loves going outside, even just hanging out on our little patio.

9. She's very gentle with dogs and babies and has already started hugging the baby in mommy's belly.

10. She's becoming more aware of her surroundings. I pulled into Jason's work parking lot this week to pick him up for lunch and Maizie yelled out, "Daddy!" Moment of genius, I thought.

11. She loves saying "Hi" and "Bye". We went to IKEA a few weeks ago and about halfway through she started saying "Bye" rather loudly to every single person we saw. I guess she was ready to go.

12. She gives great hugs and kisses, but isn't really a cuddler.

13. She LOVES her books. Her favorites are the "B Book" "Green Eggs and Ham" and "Maisy takes a bath".

14. She loves her daddy's singing. He can always calm her down with a Roger Miller tune on fussy car trips.

15. She loves cars and can tell the difference between cars and trucks.

16. She loves her bathtime, except for the part about getting out.

17. She has started "talking" on the phone with Daddy, Nana and Papa.

18. She can open doors that have handles (not knobs) and loves to knock when we go to friends houses. She says "Door, door" when she knocks.

19. Her sound repretoire is seriously expanding with new additions including horses (Neeee!) and trains (choo choo).


Mark said...

Ways you can tell Maizie is genetically related to her Papa:

1. Talks constantly.
2. Makes no sense.
3. Doesn't care.
4. Loves to perform.
5. Takes three hour naps.
6. Usually wakes up happy.


Amanda said...

maizie is photogenic!