Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lost in Translation

Maizie turns 20 months tomorrow, but I guess I'm in the blogging mood today, so here goes.

The main development this month has been speech. She learns new words every day. Since she is fascinated with cars and trucks, we taught her to recognize police cars and say "Po Po." I actually recommend this to all parents of toddlers. It's like having a radar detector in the back seat, because she sees them way before we do. The only problem is that saying "Po Po" reminds her of another new word, "Poo Poo." She'll say "Po Po" and then "Poo Poo" and point to her diaper. My #1 fear in life right now is that we're going to see a police officer standing near his car and Maizie is going to yell "Po Po" and point to her lady parts. It's really not an excellent start on the road toward good citizenship, but I'm sure things will sort themselves out soon.

Another interesting development is that she is saying lots of words backwards. She says "Tah" for "Hot" and "Ee-Zay" for Maizie and "Kee-Coo" for "Cookie." That last one amazed me, because family lore is that I called Cookies "Gee-Coos" until I was 7 or 8. I guess speech dyslexia runs in the ily-fam.


Jen said...

Tessa loves asking for a "cheese-a-piece" instead of a piece of cheese. She has put words backwards since the beginning of talkng. She also makes up words for things. Like Pacifier = Fishu, and Elephant = Eeteetee.

Mark said...

Sounds like she's adding Pig Latin to Maizese. She's bilingual!