Monday, June 9, 2008

Summertime and the Living is Easy

Here's some cute shots of Maizie enjoying some summer fun.

Playing with a tractor while wearing beads. This tomboy has some style!

I'm addicted to baby bikinis. I think this is my favorite this year. Look at that cute belly! Maizie's developed a little wariness of deep water, so I'm having to be patient with her. We tried to take her on a paddleboat this weekend and she seriously freaked. I guess she's not as big of a water bug as her mommy. :-(


Daddy and Maizie proving to me that our future tub is bigger than it seems.
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Wilson said...

I love Maizie's's so cute. Maybe Mia needs one, too! Oh, and btw, I do like the set-up in the upstairs bathroom a lot...glad Jason and Maizie enjoyed trying out the tub. After all, tubs are important in a toddlers life, and luckily in Maizie's again!:)

Amanda said...

i hope flipper is a cute as maizie...that's one tough act to follow

Mark said...

I recall a girl--about Maizie's age--who seriously freaked about getting on a boat at Six Flags. The boat in question was for a ride of the "It's A Small World" variety: tame, safe, no whitewater, no scary slides, just lazily floating through a child's wonderland. Didn't matter. Her big brother had to go by himself. She grew up to be one of the biggest water bugs I know. Cut the kid some slack.