Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mythbusters: Flipper Edition

In honor of one of Jason's favorite shows, we thought we would conduct a 100% scientifically accurate test with a sample size of 1 to test all the baby gender myths that are out there. Since we will most likely find out the sex tomorrow, now is the time to compile the results. So here goes.

1. Drano Test. Combine the pregnant woman's urine with Crystal Drano. If the mixture turns brown, bluish yellow, black or blue you are having a boy. If it turns greenish brown, green or doesn't change at all you are having a girl.

2. Heartbeat Test. If the fetal heartbeat is higher than 140, you're having a girl. Lower than 140 and you're having a boy. One myth proponent claims, "Men are lazier than women, even in the womb." I thought that was hee-larious.
RESULTS: HALF-BOY, HALF-GIRL (It was 140 at the first visit, 155 at the second)

3. Mother's Intuition. One study showed that mother's intuition on gender was correct 71% of the time.
RESULTS: HALF-BOY, HALF-GIRL (I've gone back and forth so much in my head, I'm not sure what I think anymore).

4. Chinese Lunar Calendar. RESULTS: GIRL

5. Online Baby Gender Predictor. RESULTS: GIRL

6. Cravings. If the mother craves salty or sour foods, it's a boy; sweet foods, it's a girl.

7. Ring Test. Suspend a gold ring on a string above your belly. If it swings back and forth, it's a boy. In cirlces, it's a girl.
RESULTS: HALF-BOY, HALF-GIRL (It swang back and forth in circles. Of course.)

Stay tuned to see which myths hold water!


Amanda said...

so what was the result of Jason's Drano test?

Robinson Family said...

I love that you posted fun! Looking forward to hearing the results!

Bri and Nol said...

let's hope you have either a boy or a girl and not half boy half girl. haha i actually did some research on gender stuff like that in grad school. it was interesting.