Thursday, July 24, 2008

Round the World in 30 Days

July has been a good way. Here are some updates for (all 12) of my curious fans.

Travels: Maizie and I went to Michigan July 9-17. She stayed up there for her first (tear) week without us. Maizie and my mom fly back on Saturday. Jason and I went to a lake house last weekend with the Young Marrieds. It was tons of fun and I even got a tan (burn).

Flipper: The newest George is growing! My belly is popping for sure and we find out the sex on Monday, July 28! I can't wait.

Firsts: This week brought a lot of firsts for Maizie: First week without Momma, First throwing up episodes, First allergy--we just found out today she's allergic to amoxicillin/penicillin. Yippee! Even though she's been a handful for my parents, I know they're having fun and she's having fun and Jason and I are having fun being young and free again. We've been on kidless dates Monday night, all day yesterday and are going again on tomorrow night.

House: The progress on our new house is AMAZING. When I left, they had laid the formwork for the foundation, and when I came home the framing was up! They were even starting to install some siding when we went by on Tuesday night. It's so cool to watch the progress of our first little house in action. No solid news on move-in day, but we'll keep you posted.

Alright, here's the picture parade:

Jason and Maizie at Taco Bueno on the way to the airport. Sweetest picture ever.

Hard at work or hardly working?

Me, Maizie, Jodi and Cecilie (isn't she the cutest?)

Me and my friend Emilie attempting a self-portrait.

Maizie enjoying playtime with her friends Addison and Ryley. Check out that belly. Looks like someone else in the family is expecting a baby! Let's just say she eats like a king around her Nana and Papa.

Maizie coming in for the kiss from Cecilie.

My Paw Paw and My Maizie. She loved hanging out with PawPaw and wanted him to read her tons of books. He didn't really like the Dr. Suess book, "Wocket in my Pocket" because he felt like it taught kids made-up words. But that made watching him read the book 100% more enjoyable. He had a comment for every page...."Zelf up on the that's not even a real word!" Good times.

Maizie SHARING with Addison, who is few weeks older than her. Yeah, Maizie! I guess we'll need to get a twin play stroller for her and her friends at home.


myra said...

Fun times! That is scary that she had an allergic reaction. YIKES! Glad you're all having fun!

Kim P. said...

You definitely have competition in the belly department, and I think Maizie is winning right now! And the self-portrait cracks me up =) Enjoy your last bit of childless time.