Sunday, November 2, 2008


So, another fan of Picassa 3 is born. I had too many images from Halloween to post them all, so I created a little video. Quick and easy!

It was an eventful day. First, she had a Fall Festival at school, where she mainly loved playing with the rubber duckies and could not understand why she couldn't eat the candy prizes right away. After nap, we met the Robertsons for some Mueller Halloween fun at the park and knocked on 3 or 4 doors. Maizie was pretty shy, but we think she got the gist of what was going on. At one point, she emptied her entire bucket into the candy bucket at one house. Very generous, that girl. After trick-or-treating, our "young and free" friends stopped by to change for a night of Halloween fun on 6th street. It was fun to see them get all tricked out, but Maizie ended up having nightmares, probably due to some Zombies she saw roaming her kitchen earlier that night. All in all, a full and fun day for our little bee.
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Bri and Nol said...

Mazie looks so proud in her bee costume. I don't blame her for having nightmares...those zombies look pretty scary.

myra said...

So sweet! She looks like a little bee ballerina!

You look great BTW!