Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Boy Will Come Out....


Really. I went to the doctor today and I had a few symptoms of preeclampsia (however you spell that), so she didn't really wanting me chancing it over the weekend. Tomorrow is the birthday of Jason's Granny Anderson, who passed away this year, so it's a special day for our family. Plus, I'm nerdy and think that it's cool that his birthday will be a math equation: 12-05=08. Told you I'm nerdy. UPDATE: Ok, nerdy in a "I don't do simple math" sort of way! Apparently, 12-05=07. Let's just blame this one on the "gonna have a baby in less than 24 hours" brain!

Tonight is his baby shower, so it's coming just in time. Thanks in advance to all my sweet friends and family who are helping take care of Maizie and everything else with this unexpected change. I feel truly blessed. Off to pack for the hospital! Pray for a safe delivery and a happy, healthy baby.


Anonymous said...

That is not a math equation!! 12-5=7 not 8. Maybe he will come tonight. Good luck!!

myra said...

I totally didn't catch that. And whoever did should be a bit nicer about it.

Anyway... I'm so, so, so excited for you and can't wait to meet your little boy!

Have fun at your shower!

Mark said...

But I don't have a "Papa song" composed for him yet!

I will be praying for you, sweet girl. I can't wait to meet my grandson!

Amanda said...

Yea!!!!!!! I don't care if you are bad at math, you are good at other things.

Beth said...

BUT... you can do 1+2+5=08 and it makes sense!!

Teresa said...

My Sweetest Niece,

Let me be the first (on your blog) to congratulate you on having your little boy. Cheryl told me that you and Jason chose the name Anderson! I love it -- it was the one I was hoping for.

I love you mucho and I am go happy for you.

Love Aunt Teresa