Friday, May 22, 2009

"My Boys" Come to Play

We've had the privelege of watching Luc and Ryan this month. When they leave, Maizie says, "Where did my boy go? I want to play with my boy!" They are both right between my two kids and it's fun to remember Maizie that age and anticipate Anderson in about a year. Thanks for sharing your boys with us, Kim and Noelle!

Luc was really interacting with Anderson here.

Luc loves to climb and run (and tan)!

If you've seen the British office, this reminds me of when Gareth calls the calculator company.

I guess this game was called "How much for this baby and 7 goldfish, Mr. Cashier?"
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Kim P. said...

Ryan has had such a good time playing with Maizie lately. It's fun to see that happening more and more!