Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crazy 8s!

Since I last wrote, our marriage turned 8 years and our son turned 8 months. This has definitely been a crazy year for us. Since our last anniversary, Jason has started a new job (which he loves), we've bought our first house (which we love) and we've brought home our first son (which we absolutely, positively love with all our hearts). Jason is the love of my life and I'm glad we're together through times of change and times of routine. He's keeps me calm and laughing. I have tried to stay mad at him before and it never works. Thanks for 8 great years!

On to the boy. Anderson has changed so much in the past month. He is officially a STINKER! He is army crawling all over the place and has knocked over the dog bowl exactly three times, swallowed a foam letter "S" and attempted to swallow a tag that fell off a toy. He's knocked my camera off the desk, pulled up on the gate and fallen over (twice), and almost jumped out of the exercauser. He's taken his first "big boy" bath with Maizie and also received his first combat wound in a battle for control of a metal Cinderella purse. Maizie was a much more active little baby, but she wasn't as curious as this little Monkey. I am really enjoying watching more of him emerge. Here are pics of our smiley little man.

Perfect fit.

Princess Anderson. He's chronically surrounded by girls, so more of this is sure to come.

Happy, happy. Joy, joy.
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Mark said...

Get that kid on a plane and get him up here---NOW!

Kim P. said...

All I can say is, first congrats, and second...awww. Anderson is so cute! Love the pics and the video of him waving. Glad I got to hold him some while my little man was away =)