Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fun with Friends

We had an "at home day" that went awry and Noelle and Brian were nice enough to let us come up for lunch and hang out with Luc. Maizie (who would only wear this fancy dress and shoes that day) decided to take Luc for a ride around the apartment. They really love each other and they both like to give goodbye kisses!

Little Jake and Anderson hanging out by the bars at an indoor playground. Surrounded by expensive play equipment and they choose bars. Cutest little jailbirds I've ever seen.

Grumpy Old Men loungin' by the pool. Gotta love it.

Maizie going for a ride on the "Noelle" Express. Afterwards, Noelle said it was her turn and Maizie laid down in the shallow water and told her to get on!
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