Friday, March 11, 2011

Austin Zoo

We went on a family field trip to the Austin Zoo a few weekends ago. It's a smallish zoo, but perfect for the 4 and under crowd. My favorite memory was of Maizie asking to eat the goat food (little hay pellets). I told her she was welcome to try it. She crunched and chewed and asked for more. That's my adventurous eater, I suppose! My least favorite memory was of her throwing a fit as we left and pickpocketing a stuffed animal, but we won't go there....Overall, a fun Saturday together. We're on the go so much lately, I really enjoy it when we're all together, no matter what we're doing.

Pretty as a peacock!

Loved the "choo choo 'rain" and the "yi-on" and the "tuh-tuhs".

"One for you and one for me."
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Alyssa said...

DId she seriously eat the goat food? EWWW!

Amanda said...