Friday, August 31, 2007

Da Trip

There were so many good shots from our trip to Chicago and Michigan, I had trouble narrowing them down to fit on a blog post. Click here if for the full 119-picture photo story of the trip. Maizie got in a lot of talking and walking practice and had a great time soaking in all of the new experiences. Oh, and we had fun, too. It was really nice being with Jason all day long for days at a time and watching Maizie get to know a wider circle of friends and family that think she's the best.

And for those of you thinking of flying Northwest, I would think twice. On this trip, we had a 5-hour delay from Austin to Chicago, a banged up stroller, a missing bag (for 8 hours), a 1-hour delay for Jason coming home, an 1.5 hour delay sitting on the runway in Detroit which made us miss the last flight to Austin on Tuesday out of Minneapolis. At Minneapolis they handed me a voucher for $10 and said that me and Maizie would have to spend the night at the airport. After I broke down in pure "mom flying with baby and completely stressed out" fashion, they gave me a hotel room and a fistful of vouchers. I then waited an hour for a bag that never came and ended up wearing the same clothes for two days. The hotel was actually really nice and we had time to stroll the Minneapolis IKEA and the Mall of America before we flew home, so I guess it wasn't all bad. :-) Lesson learned: Fly Southwest next time!


Kim said...

Wow...sooo many great pictures on your album! Looks like you had such a great time and it makes me want to go to the UP =) I love the pictures of Maizie in the at Lake Superior and not enjoying the grass...poor girl being raised in fire ant country has no clue how to enjoy playing on a lawn. And Joe thinks Maizie's a great kid too!

Irma and Koby said...

Wow! You guys did lots of fun stuff...I always like your pictures! But, there is no way I could have kept my sanity with all that airport drama! You are definitely a trooper!
Pray that Olivia comes soon. I'm ready, Ready, READY!!!