Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Perfect 10

Well, Maizie and I have landed...finally. More about the trip later, but first things first. Maizie turned 10 months old August 20th and she marked the occasion with her first word. Here's indisputable video evidence for any of you naysayers out there. :-) Month 10 was a lot of fun. Maizie is still crawling up a storm, pulling up on everything, opening drawers, squirming, laughing, screaming, eating "people" food, smiling and interacting with us. It's so fun to watch her develop into her own little person.

For the rest of her 10-month pics, click here.


Robinson Family said...

What a PRECIOUS video! I love the camera-work too--it was perfect timing, panning to him and then making it back to her, just in time for the "big payoff". Congratulations on the perfect 10! 2 more months in 0-dom, and then she'll be into years!

Pryncss Briana said...

That is so adorable!