Sunday, September 16, 2007

A little magic to go along with a little logic

So we left our small group a little late with a baby who was a double threat--tired AND hungry. She started crying about 2 minutes into our 20 minute trip home. I had a headache, and this particularly shrill cry was KILLING me. In my mommy wisdom, I started pulling everything out of the diaper bag and handing it to her, bottle, paci, snacks, toys, diapers....whatever. It all got tossed and the crying only intensified. Finally, I turned to her and calmly said, "Maizie, Mommy knows you are tired and hungry. We are going home right now as fast as we can, and when we get home, mommy will feed you and put you to bed, but right now crying is not helping at all. Ok?" Instant silence for the rest of the trip home. I guess a little understanding goes a long way, even in the eyes of a 10-month-old. I can't say that will ever work again, but tonight it was like magic.


Alan said...

Magic + logic = magic. Wait. Logic. No. Um, malogic? Lomagic? Mec-a-lec-a-high-mec-a-hiny-ho?

myra said...

I think our babies are a lot smarter than the books and "experts" say. Whether it was what you said or how you said it, glad it worked. You're a great mom, Caren. Maizie is testimony to that. :)

Kim said...

I can only hope our little boy will be as sweet and understanding as Maizie...although being a boy, I somehow doubt he'll be as "in tune" to his mommy's needs!