Tuesday, January 15, 2008

8 New Things in 2008

1. New Baby Girl!
Cecilie Rose Brandimore was born on Sunday, January 6, to my friend since birth, Jodi, and friend since high school, Preston. She looks like such a cuddly baby, I can't wait to meet her.

2. New Baby Boy!
Ryan Christopher Pollard (or as all the architects like to call him, "Reflected Ceiling Plan") was born on Monday, January 7, to my good friends, Kim and Joe. Kim was one of the first people to welcome me to Austin and I'm so happy to be here to welcome her first baby. I got to hold him last week and he is super pinchable (but I restrained myself).

3. A New Job for Jason
It wasn't really how we invisioned spending our January, but Jason has been on the job hunt since being laid off last Monday. He has sent out more than 100 resumes and will have gone on more than a dozen interviews by the end of this week. I'm so proud of how resiliant and hard-working he is. I would have wallowed in pity for a least a week or two. We're looking forward to seeing how God will bless us in the coming year through his new job.

4. Some New Possibilities for Me
I've been saying that I'm a freelance copywriter/designer for a year now, but I'm serious this time! I have "office hours" now on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, so that makes me official, right?

5. A New Start for and Old Car
The Festiva RAN today. It promptly died 3 seconds later, but it was quite a moment for the George household.

6. A New Resolution to be Healthier
Story of our lives. We're on day 8 and counting, though!

7. A New Trick
Maizie is winking. Kinda. Check out the video below.

8. A New Fear for Maizie
And we need your help on this one. All of the sudden, our water baby is a water-phobe. We've tried to bathe her over the past few days and each time, she literally crawls up us to get away from the water. It's sad and we really aren't sure what to do. We've tried getting in with her, new toys, logic and reason, bringing out the baby bath. The books and google say not to force it, but I couldn't bear to look at 3 days worth of PB&J in my daughter's hair anymore. Needless to say, bath time tonight was no fun. Any advice?


Jeremy, Alyssa, Hailey and Wyatt said...

Just stick with the bathing thing. Have the same routine every time and make it fast. Hailey went thru the same thing. She loved the bath and then hated the bath and now loves it again. I don't remember the fear stage lasting that long maybe a few months. We also didn't bathe her everyday, 2-3 times a week. Hang in there!

Kim P. said...

That's awesome about the Festiva! I'm sure that was a very happy day for your family =) May many longer runs for the car be in your future. All you need is 3 minutes to make it to Sonic! And I'm glad you got to meet Ryan and restrained from the pinching...you might have gotten kicked out from an overprotective dad...j/k!

April Cogburn said...

I have to agree with Alyssa. Just stick with it. Lena went through the same thing. She started to hate baths after having one when she was sick. She had loved them before. I had to just stick her in the bath and quickly bath her. It took some time, but she got over it. Now she loves them again. I bathed her maybe once or twice a week, or when she got really messy. Finally she got back in when I let her splash in the bath from the outside of the tub, with me in it. I let her bathe me, and she thought it was so much fun, she climbed in (clothes and all). That ended the fear. Just stick with it. She'll get over it.

Pryncss Briana said...

We will keep praying for the job situation. I know Jason will find one soon. And with the bath thing, have you tried showering with her? Maybe have daddy hold her under the spray? Bubba loves it, and Bella loved until she realized she would have more fun running around under the spray alone. =P

Amanda said...

Maizie's winking is my favorite!