Sunday, January 20, 2008

Big day

The 20th of January is a big day in the George house.

First, our little girl turns 15 months old today. I still see her as a baby in my eyes, but she proves to me every day how grown up she is. She's super independent and doesn't like me to hold her hand when she walks. In fact, today she almost made it out of the auditorium on her own while I was talking. She's learning new things every day and constantly amazes us. Our favorites right now are Old McDonald (she sings "EIEIEIEI" right after we sing "Old") and how she will get up in a chair with a book and turn the pages and laugh and laugh about what she's "reading". Happy Birthday, wee one!

And secondly, we have been in Austin officially for a year now! What a year it has been. Time has literally flown by, so we still feel like we just moved here a couple months ago. I'm going to have to stop using my "I don't know anything, I'm new here" excuses. We've been so thankful to be welcomed by so many people and are excited to call Austin home (although I will admit I catch myself looking for the Rockies occasionally when I'm driving west).

Oh, and Festucles (what I call Jason's car--it's a mix of Festiva and Hercules) has been reborn. Jason got the timing right and she's made it to Lowe's and back. He straightened the bumper out and just needs to get her fitted with minor things like blinkers and such to pass inspection. Oh, and none of the seats other than the driver's are installed. You know, minor things. Glad to have you back, Festy. For those of you interested in a history lesson, here is Festucles' adoption announcement. Feel free to keep those AutoZone gift cards coming!


twarpula said...

That is TOO funny Caren!! I love it.

Wilson said...

That's great! I got a big laugh out of it...