Monday, January 21, 2008

Underwater Politics

Just wanted to tell you about a cool website my friend Kim wrote about on her blog a few weeks ago. You must check it out.

Jason and I actually invented this website a few years ago. Someone else just beat us to the punch. We were talking about politics (a topic on which we usually disagree), and we thought there should be a site that completely takes the personality out of the equation. A place that listed only the issues a candidate stood for and then you could choose based on that. Anyway, someone must have overheard us and started Glassbooth. Foiled again!

Well, believe it or not, Jason and I picked the SAME person after filling out the survey. Our number 2s and 3s were VASTLY different, but I was amazed that someone could actually unite us! Me no telly who he is, except I guess that's he's a he, but it was really interesting to discover more about my political leanings, which are generally extremely dormant.

And, here are some pics from our snorkling fun. Just to be random.

The boat, the S.S. Miguelito.

The best shot of the underwater ones. Currently my wallpaper on my PC. Takes me to my happy place. :-) That's my bro in the background.

Me in fish-hunting stealth mode.

The legend himself.

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Anonymous said...

Are you an Obama girl?!?