Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Jason's New Do courtesy of Caren's New Do. That's right, I chopped it all off. It's nice. My hair has thinned since the pregnancy, so now I can actually have short hair without it being a fro! I'm really enjoying this positive development from being pregnant (other than Maizie, of course).

Jason and the "He-men" from church went backpacking last weekend around Lake Georgetown. The wives and Maizie hiked out 1.5 miles to meet them for dinner Saturday night. We gave Maizie the heaviest pack since she's the youngest and most agile.

Happy to see daddy, snot-face and all.

Really cool 70s style sunset picture. I love it.


Elizabeth said...

Cute pictures!! And your new do looks great!!

Amanda said...

hey, i didn't see you today...i miss you :(