Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

This Easter weekend, we went to the farm in Normangee (Camp Bullnettle, as they call it) to hang out with Jason's family. All 10 of our neices and nephews were there and we had fun playing kickball, ultimate frisbee and hanging out by the fire. Maizie fought a nap all day Saturday, so she ended up only sleeping maybe an hour between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. I think she is like me. Once she misses sleep, she just goes into hyper mode and makes the most of her awake time. We saw baby Olivia and Koby and Irma in College Station and she is getting so big and so cute! Maizie loved yelling "BAY-BEEEEEE" at her. Easter day was nice, but I think Maizie was still catching up from her busy weekend. She was cranky all day, even though I kept reminding her about Jesus being risen. Hasn't quite gotten a grip on that yet. Hope yours was fun!

This is a framer! Maizie hanging out near Paw Paw's tracter at the farm.

Little Maizie on the big farm.

Mow the lawn or go to church? Tough choices for such a little girl. Easter dress handmade by Aunt Jodi in Nashville! So cute!

Um, hello. My Easter egg is empty. How 'bout some juice?
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Mark said...

The one by the tractor is DEFINITELY a framer! Or a farmer. Or a farmer framer. DAAAAAH-OH-OOOG!

Wendi said...

Yes - I love her Easter dress!! So cute!! Hope all is well.