Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy Bodies

The past couple of weeks have been a flurry of activity full of firsts for our little girl. Here's the list: First trip to the zoo, First sleep-over with a girlfriend, First visit to the doctor where she understood what the doctor was all about and wasn't quite happy about that fact, First overnight camping trip, First weekend alone with Daddy, First fall that resulted in lots of blood (not at all related to first weekend alone with Daddy.)

Here are some pics from all the fun. They are pitifully out of order and obviously not inclusive of all the fun had. For some reason I didn't take any pictures of her first sleep-over fun with Morgandy last weekend. Her parents went to Canada for the weekend and Maizie got to have a friend stay over. They squealed with delight each time they woke up to realize a friend was right there ready to play! I couldn't get them to eat breakfast for awhile after they woke up because they were too excited. Over all, they kept each other entertained and actually followed a pretty close schedule together, so I guess I could adopt twins once they are one and a half. :-)

Her 18-month appointment went well, except everytime she heard any door open in the entire place she would crawl up on my lap and hold on tight. The doctor's main comment was that she was very, very strong. She weighed in at 27 lbs and was 33 inches tall. Her height and weight are between the 75th and 90th percentiles and her head has miraculously shrunk to the 50th percentile. I asked if that meant that she's gotten dumber and the doctor just laughed. Hmmm. Another first was one of her first situationally appropriate sentences. When the doctor was saying bye to her, she said, "Bye Bye Doctor"! I guess she was excited to see her leave!

Maizie being inspired by the monkeys and climbing up to get a closer look.

Good friends still give hugs, even after a long, sweaty day at the zoo.

Her grandpas should be proud--looks like this girl knows how to preach!

Getting a closer look at the bluebonnets.

At the park about two minutes before the "incident" in which she fell of that wall she's sitting on and bit her lip open. I'm glad my friend Jessica was there to provide first aid for Maizie and mommy. I don't do blood.

Here's the one pic from the girls' weekend with the George clan. That's Cecily (hiding her face) Emily, Ensley (above), Amy, me and Margaret.

Here's Maizie at her first camping trip talking to Baby Ry-Ry through the tent screen.

Here she is getting a lift from Amanda (whom she calls Azu). She also calls anything Azu that she can't pronounce, but we'll let it stick to Amanda.

Here's the man Maizie knows as Fancy Pants. You can now see how he got the nickname.

And (if you're still reading) we have BIG NEWS on our house. Our move-in date got bumped up to Sept/Oct! More than 6 months earlier than we thought. This also means we don't have to re-income qualify, so that is such a weight off our shoulders, especially since my work has been much more steady lately. We will need to sub-let our apartment until April, so be on the look-out for anyone that needs a 6 month lease next Fall/Spring.

We are one building down from our good friends, the Robertsons, and two buildings down from this amazing pool (designed by an old co-worker of Jason's) and park. This is a view of our place from the stairs. We are choosing darker finishes, but the layout will be the same.

Thanks for letting me catch up. We're looking forward to going to Colorado next week for the first time since we moved. More action is on the way!

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