Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Visit

So, we've had a busy week! In the span of 7 days, we have a new house, Jason has a new job, and we have a new 2-year-old! I only know how to post 4 pics at a time through Picassa, so I'm just gonna post a whole bunch for your viewing pleasure.

We went to the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm to take a break from moving and to celebrate Maizie's birthday. She wasn't quite sure about the hay ride, but she came around for the second half of the ride.

She had fun playing on this marrooned boat with daddy.

What's cooler than seeing some chickens and ducks?

Here's the only picture I got with the pumpkins. There was too much going on to stay still for long.
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Amanda said...

The offer is still good if you want us to take Maizie as our own when the boy is born.........She is so cute.