Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And Maizie, Too!

I just realized all the recent posts were Anderson, so here's what's been going on with the firstborn...

Playing her "wi-tar" at the Children's Museum.

Taking the stage as a drummer in a Mariachi band.

Riding her new trike!

And showing us how she's the ultimate multi-tasker. If she's ever a famous musician, this would make an excellent album cover. We'd call it "Since I was in diapers."
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Mark said...

I'm so glad she's going to be a musician!

myra said...

Love that girl and can't wait to see her. I think that there's a good chance the girls will remember each other. I've been telling Morgandy she'll get to see Maizie and Mia when we come visit this summer and she keeps asking about them now.