Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bible Lessons

Part of the reason for this blog is to help me remember things. I have the world's worst memory. One of my favorite things right now is asking Maizie what she learned in Bible class. Here are some of my favorite answers. 

1. We listen with our ears (I thought she just had a talkative morning, but I looked at her take-home sheet and it was about when Jesus listened at the temple. Pretty amazing what 2 year olds pick up.)
2. Jesus was born. Jesus is a boy. 
3. Mommy and Jesus in the ARK!
4. Noses and the burning flower.
5. Jesus and the big building. (Tower of Babel)

Pretty much everyone with a beard (except "Noses") is Jesus and all the girls in the bible are Mommy. I feel really blessed to have so many people helping us introduce our children to God and his love for them. 

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Mark said...

Wasn't Noses the guy who parted the Red Sneeze?