Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last Day of Winter

We celebrated a balmy last day of winter here in Austin last Thursday with lots of outdoor fun. It really felt like the official opening of the summer season (YEA! SUMMER!)

Here is one of my favorite pics of Maizie to date. To me, it just really captures her personality. Probably not a special shot to the outside eye, but I love, love, love it.

We went to let Mia, Ally and Maizie run through the fountains at the Triangle Thursday evening. Maizie has been talking about "simataurs" ever since, and I just assumed someone introduced her to some funky Star Trek character or dinosaur. Come to find out, "simataur" is "swimming suit."

Here's Anderson coo-ing at the lovely weather.

Mia and Maizie taking a (short) break to give hugs!
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Kim P. said...

That picture of Maizie is pretty perfect =) Glad you had fun at the fountains! I can't wait to take Ryan to them soon.