Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Farm Cousins

I wasn't quite done talking about the farm. One of the coolest things is when all the cousins get together. There are 14 cousins now--8 of them are ages 12-18 and 6 are ages newborn (As in last Friday! Welcome baby Lily!) to 6. Here they are vying for attention from Grandpa. He's running out of room on his lap for the little ones!

Saturday morning we went on a duck hunt with Grandma. We saw some grey ducks in the pond that were so pretty we thought they had to be fake. As I took picture after picture and we edged the children closer and closer, we realized they were. Still it made for a fun memory and the kids enjoyed the adventure.

Maizie brought dress-up clothes for the younger girls. So the princesses took over the farm for a bit.

Here are the ducks (minus Megan, Brooke and baby Lily) in a row.
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