Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Keeping Austin Weird

Our kids are wonderfully weird. Growing up, I thought weird was a compliment. Still do. Serendipitous then that we came to live in Austin to raise a family that can help keep it weird.

Keepin' it weird (and cowgirl princess chic) on the pot.

Keepin' time out weird.

Arm movements that are definitely keepin' it weird. This is how he starts his superhero run. Every time. Capes courtesy of my friend Jodi. No, you can't steal her.

Ok, this isn't a weird shot, but I had one left and it was too cute to keep from you.
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Noelle said...

I do often refer to y'all as our "wierd" friends

Caren said...

I think my favorite thing is your profile picture right next to a comment in which you call US weird.