Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Serious Business

Last month, Maizie had her first public performance as the color green in a rainbow of other preschoolers. I was really looking forward to it. She's such a ham at home, I was expecting some looney tune moves. Apparently, performing is serious business for Maizie. She stood attentively and sang exactly (and perhaps informed some nearby kids on how to do the same). They sang the "Lord, you are my rainbow" song for those of you familiar with it. When practicing at home, these were her lyrics:
You are the blue in the sky,
You are the purple in my eye,
You are the pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty butterfly.
You are the brown in the sky when I am playing football.
Oh Lord, I think you are a good idea.

So she takes after me in the lyric comprehension (and creative rewriting of lyrics) department.
And she takes after my dad in hand guestures. I watched him preach for 18 years and he holds his hands like that, oh, say 80% of the time. Love to see him in her.

The after party with friend and neighbor, Mia.

A budding architect like Daddy showing off her city.

Here she is with her teachers, Miss Mary and Miss Teri. Miss Mary received an award for 25 years of service that night. Amazing.
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