Tuesday, August 19, 2008

By Special Request

Here are some of Maizie's latest adventures as a 21-month-old. She turns 22 months tomorrow, so now is as good a time as any to finally post some pics! There are also some things that I am not able to catch on camera that I don't want to forget about this age.
  • Her vehicle-spotting repretoire has improved to included busses, tractors, cranes, po-po trucks (fire engines), bikes (motorcycles and bicycles), and car trucks (trucks hauling cars).
  • She loves to sing and has learned her first full tune. It's the tune to Fr√®re Jacques and the words change each time. My favorite was yesterday when she sang, "Daddy's car-ar, Daddy's car-ar, Ding ding dong." We think she learned this tune at church since I don't sing it very often, so yea church!
  • Speaking of church, she has started sitting with us until kid's church lets out. She's not the quietest, but it's so cool to see her really get into the singing and praying. She claps and yells "Yea!" after every song and does prayer hands and says Amen after the prayers. It's so cool to see how God made us to worship. I hope she never loses her excitement for singing to God.
  • Speaking of God, she's also started to "say" her own prayers. We say them and she repeats. She sometimes gets sidetracked, especially when we pray for Mia, Ry-Ry and Mo-Mo (I think she would rather be playing with them then getting ready for bed), but it's pretty much the sweetest thing ever.
  • She loves to count to 3 on her fingers (her Nana taught her that) and jump. This game goes on for quite a bit. I think this is her way of mimicing the gymnastics we've been watching on TV.

Here are some pics!

Riding Ry-Ry's toy horse (NEEEEEE!)

Firefighter George saves the day.

Story time with Myra, Mo-Mo and Ry-Ry.

A final duet. Maizie has been spending lots of time with Morgandy this week as she gets ready to fly off into the sunset to Canada tomorrow (tear). She's such a sweet girl and we're going to miss her (and Myra and Patrick, too) SOOOOO much.
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Mark said...

Thanks for the pictures. And thanks especially for the descriptions of what she's doing now. I love it!