Friday, August 29, 2008

New Things

A quick update on all things Maizie....

Daddy spent an evening replacing all the worn out batteries in Maizie's toys. We thought Maizie would be happy with her newly working favorites, but instead she spent the rest of the time mimicing Daddy's hard work. I guess she's breaking the stereotype in the 1950s book about manners we have that reads: "Boys like to fix things like bikes and cars. Girls like to fix hurt feelings."

Here's another new thing. By the end of the day Saturday, I was thinking, "Did someone announce 'National Throw a Temper Tantrum Day' and nobody told me?" She throws fits. Mainly because she wants to do things all by herself and she can't figure it out and gets frustrated. Life can be rough when you're almost 2 going on 16.

Another result of her independent streak, Maizie wants to dress herself. I put this shirt on her the right way and she struggled to get it off and then struggled to get it back on. Here is the result. It was actually quite an accomplishment that she got it on herself (especially since her head is bigger than the head hole). We were heading to the grocery store, so I left it alone. Who knows, maybe inside-out-and-backwards is the cool new thing in toddler fashion. Such a trendsetter.

Here's yet another new thing. She LOVES her friend Mia and asks to see her everyday. This week, when she saw her, she immediately grabbed her hand and led her to the playground. So adorable. I'm not sure what Mia thinks about all of this, but I'm sure she'll come around!
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Berle said...

I loved every minute of it!

You are a very sweet family.

Love, Granny