Friday, August 29, 2008

First Day of School

Today was Maizie's first day of preschool! She'll go every Tuesday and Friday from 10-2. I am feeling a bit like an oddball because you could tell all the other mothers were feeling anxious and sad leaving their children in this setting for the first time. I couldn't stop smiling. I think it's going to be great for both of us. She loves playing with other kids (and other kids' toys) and I love getting things done! I pictured myself frolicking in a field celebrating my freedom, but alas, I have a deadline I'm trying to meet so we can go to Abilene this weekend.

Anyway, here is the happy girl on her first day of school!

Waltzing Maizie with a knapsack on her back.

Putting her lunch in her cubby.

The day starts off with time at the park. Perfect.

It did kind of hurt my feelings that when I dropped her off, she did not look back. Not once. Not one little tear. Ok, I'm over it now. I'm glad she was so excited that she didn't even realize her dear old Mom was off to frolick...
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Mark said...

The pic of Maizie walking away from the camera and toward the school wearing her backpack is a classic! I can't begin to describe the jumble of emotions it evoked. Don't worry about the other Moms. You're raising a confident, capable and independent young lady who is wholly secure in your love.

Jeremy, Alyssa, Hailey and Wyatt said...

She is such an independent little girl! I bet she had a great day!

Kim P. said...

I agree...that last picture is just too precious! That's so great that she's excited and ready for school. I have a feeling mine will probably be independent too, so you'll have to coach me on it!

Pryncss Briana said...

Kudos for not being the "hold-them-tight" mom. I have really enjoyed sending Bella off to pre-school and am so excited that Bubba is old enough to. :) They get so much out of the socialization and learning to take direction and get little tasks done themselves. I think Bella is a better little girl from it. Enjoy this time, and try not to work the whole time she's gone!